The Whistling Sisters Beer Co.

We’re making beers for lovers of lighter styled craft beer. We’re looking for a subtle flavour palate where yeast balances out a lightly hopped flavour profile. We’re excited about where we are heading under head brewer Dale Gould’s delicate touch and adventurous spirit

All our beers are brewed in our Ghuznee Street brewery, which is the best that we could build. The brewery was handmade and contains the most modern technology to help us remove chance from our quest for the ageless perfection of a beautifully brewed beer.



Bramble Patch Stout, 4.2%
Hop Pep Peray, Celebration Ale, 5.4%
Prima Dana, 5%
Rad Cycler, Radler, 4.5%
Riveting Rose Wit Beer, 5.8%