Worldly beers from Kingsland, Auckland.

Urbanaut craft beer is made for the worldly explorer. The one who finds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings, thrives off a foreign atmosphere, and uses diverse urban environments to shape their perspective as a global citizen.


Lemon Meringue Hazy IPA – 5.8% Hazy IPA
Tropical Fizz – 5.0% Cider
Miami Brut Lager – 5.0% Brut Lager
Ginger Beer – 4.5% Ginger Beer
Ixtapa Cola Sour – 3.8% Sour
Toasted Marshmallow Hazy IPA – 5.8% Hazy IPA
Jaco Hazy Pale Ale – 2.5%
Rose Bay Lager – 2.5%

Tropical Fizz Cider is Gluten-Free