The Greek Food Truck

We pride ourselves on creating authentic Greek food. Our signature dishes include a variety of meat and vegetarian souvlaki, burgers, salads and Greek sweets.


Greek Salad, 9.0
– Traditional Greek Salad with either grilled meats or grilled halloumi
Souvlaki, 9.0
– Grilled meats\halloumi served on a warm pita bread with tomato,onion,fries and tzatziki sauce
Spinach Pie, 7.0
– Fresh spinach and feta, ricotta and mozzarella cheese baked inside layers of homemade pastry

Fries, 6.0
– served with tzatziki sauce or Parmesan cheese
Baklava, 4.0
– Chopped almonds and walnuts, sweetened with honey syrup inside layers of filo pastry