Taco Addicts

We are a small, local business that serves as a mobile food vendor to all taco lovers in/around Wellington!
Taco Addicts makes Austin style, Tex-Mex tacos with handmade tortillas, salsas and fillings and an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and free range ingredients.
We offer vegan, gluten free, dairy free & omnivorous options.

FESTIVAL CUISINE: Tacos – Tex-Mex/Mexican

Ayam Lah Taco (DF), 7.5
– shredded chicken (free range/halal) in a spicy lemongrass & coconut sauce, limey red cabbage, coriander,  fried shallots
Chur! so Good Vegan Taco (Vegan), 7.0
– oregano potatoes, marinated tofu chorizno, caramelised onions,  shredded cabbage,  Vegan Taco Sauce, Salsa Roja
Just Another Jerk Taco (Vegan), 7.0
– spicy jerk marinated tofu, red cabbage slaw, creamy tahini dressing, coconut bacon
Perky Pork Taco (DF), 7.5
– Havana coffee & chilli braised pulled pork (Woody’s Free Range), lettuce – coriander & diced onions, coriander v. aioli, Salsa Roja
Spring Bean Taco (Vegan), 7.0
– refried black beans – chilli roasted kumara & pumpkin, pickled onions, coriander, Vegan Taco Sauce, Salsa Roja

Happy Trail, 3.0
– Savoury trail mix of toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds, coconut bacon and spicy almonds