If the Roxy Cinema and CoCo had a love child it would be ROCO… Silver and fabulous, ROCO rocks in and a party begins. ROCO frequents the Saturday Night Market, pops up on the waterfront, raves and festivals and sells a mean cup of joe and the stinkiest Mac N’ Cheese – when you need it, where you need it.

CUISINE MENU: Stellar Coffee & Stinky Mac N’ Cheese

Stinky Mac N’ Cheese

  • Mac N’ Cheese Classic: $6
  • add stinky blue cheese: $1
  • add bacon: $1

ROCO coffee (One size)

  • Tea: $3.50
  • Black Coffee: $4
  • White Coffee: $5
  • extras: $0.50 (soy milk, almond milk, flavours)