From Parrotdog’s shiny new brewery in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, they’re continuing to do what they started back in 2011: making approachable, award winning beer.

Quality and simplicity form the basis for their mantra in keeping things uncomplicated. Their range is a diverse cast of characters, with something to suit every one of you, and everyone of us. Nice.


Birdseye – Hazy IPA, 5.8%
Bitterbitch – IPA, 5.8%
L.B. Beer Strata Lager – Strata Lager, 4.8%
Lloyd – Hazy IPA, 6%
Rhys Coconut Hazy IPA – Hazy IPA, 6.0%
Yellowhammer – Hazy Pale Ale, 4.8%