The Evil Stepson Island Grill

We are a whanau who own and operate our own award-winning Food Truck. We provide soulful and eclectic street foods that exude our South Pacific flair.


CUISINE MENU: Soul Foods with a Pacific Twist

Cook Islands Chop Suey (DF) – $8.00
Pork Belly cooked in ginger and garlic in soy sauce and vermicelli noodles

Curly Fries, Cheese and Gravy – $8.00
Curly Fries smothered in cheesey cheese sauce and gravy

Chups – $8.00
Curly Fries served with your choice of housemade aioli or tomato sauce or both

Fried Chicken – $8.00
3 x Buttermilk drenched free range chicken tenderloins served with housemade lemonade aioli and sliced gherkins

Poisson Cru (GF, DF) – $8.00
Tahitian style line caught fresh local fish, marinated in lemon and lime juice served with tomato, cucumber, fresh coconut milk, red onion, spring onion, and corn chips