Dutchy’s Burger Joint

Dutchy’s is all about the burgers with the best ingredients – locally sourced, free range, fresh and cooked over a smokey charcoal grill and the hand cut chips with Dutchy’s garlic mayo.

Simple eats, done deliciously!

CUISINE MENU: Gourmet burgers and hand cut chips

Hand cut chips – $6.00 (V, Vegan, GF, DF)
With Dutchy’s garlic mayo or tomato sauce
-add truck made gravy – $2.00

Mini Royale – $8.00
Burger, beef pattie from the charcoal grill, pickles, onion, tomato sauce, ‘murican mustard, cheese

Southern Fried Chicken Nibbles – $8.00
Bone-in FR chicken nibbles soaked in buttermilk & spices, crunchy coated and crispy fried with Sriracha mayo