Rethink how you think of rum with Coruba.

First established on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in 1889, Coruba was known as Compagnie Rhumière de Bâle (The Basel Rum Company) in its early days. It is the initials of this original parent company from which Coruba draws its name:Compagnie Rhumière de le (CO-RHU-BA).

Summer is well on the way and Coruba has launched two new golden rum RTDs that offer you even more ways to enjoy the brands authentic barrel aged Jamaican rum this summer!

The new releases blend Coruba’s iconic 2-year barrel aged golden rum with soda and refreshing fruit flavours to create drinks that are simply “Summer in a can”.


Coruba Gold Raspberry & Grapefruit 5%
Coruba Gold Mango & Passionfruit 5%

Come and join us to try our delicious new Coruba with Mango, Passionfruit & Soda and Coruba with Raspberry, Grapefruit & Soda – at a refreshing 5% ABV you won’t regret it!