Roxy Summer Bar

CoCo At The Roxy is known for its flavour driven menu and creative bar scene. Now coming to Beers at the Basin to present the best little Mocktail Bar in town! Take a break from the booze and pay our award winning mixologist, Ray Letoa a visit. He’s here to whip up a storm in a cocktail glass, proving his most celebrated cocktail creations can be just as fun without the hard liquor!

Special Beer added: Barrachina (Pina Colada Hazy Ale) 5.5%
Originally brewed as a collaboration with Ray from Roxy for Wellington on a Plate, this PiƱa Colada beer uses Galaxy hops and 8kg of toasted coconut.



Barrachina (Pina Colada Hazy Ale) 5.5%

Fizz pop Non-Alcoholic Mocktail
Coco Rendezvous Non-Alcoholic Mocktail

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