Buzz Club

Buzz Club create sparkling session mead from native New Zealand honeys. The light, refreshing brews capture the natural native honey flavours while remaining crisp, and is complemented by iconic Kiwi fruits.

Buzz Club’s mission is to support beekeeping in New Zealand, and share the flavours of our native environments.


Simply Mead – 5.0% Sparkling Mead
Hopped Buzz – 5.0% Sparkling Mead
Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon – 5.5% Sparkling Mead
Rātā Blossom + Feijoa – 5.2% Sparkling Mead
Pōhutukawa Blossom + Strawberry – 4.8% Sparkling Mead
BEE Alcoholic Lemonade – 5.0% Alcoholic Lemonade

All products are free from added gluten