We are a family run business with over 20years experience. We pride ourselves providing fast andefficient service.


The Moo-nalisa – $10
Bbq Beef Cheese Burger with slaw

The Chook Burger – $10
Southern fried Chicken, Slaw and MD’s mayo

Harvest Time Burger – $10
Veggie Pattie with slaw and bbq mayo (V)

French Fries – $10
Fries and sauce (V)

Ice cream Cookie Sandwiches – $10


We are Delicioso. An Argentinian – Kiwi family who specialise in creating authentic Argentinian food from scratch, right here on the Kapiti Coast in Wellington.

Here are some of our delicacies: our asado (Argentinian BBQ), an assortment of empanadas (meat and vegetarian gourmet pastries), alfajores (sweet deliciousness – trust us, you’ll love them), among other Argentinian delicacies.

We are passionate about providing you with Argentinian flavours for any function, whether it be a small gathering of friends or a larger, more formal event.


Steak sandwich – $10
Scotch fillet steak served on ciabatta with lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes and chimichurri sauce

Beef empanada – $7
Homemade pastry filled with beef and spices with chimichurri sauce

Spinach empanada – $7
Homemade pastry filled with spinach and parmesan cheese with chimichurri sauce (V)

Fries – $5
Fries served with sauces (V, VE)

Alfajores – $4
Traditional Argentine pastry filled with dulce de leche rolled in shredded coconut (VE)

Cool off with some Ice Cream.
Summer Snow brings you a premium creamy product with soft-serve options delicious to all ages.


Single cone range – $5
Single soft serve ice cream with either sprinkles, nuts, sherbet, or choc dipped

Double cone range – $7
Double soft serve ice cream with either sprinkles, nuts, sherbet, or choc dipped

Special Single Cone – $5.50
Single soft serve ice cream with a flake and either sprinkles, nuts, sherbet, or choc dipped

Special Double Cone – $8
Double soft serve ice cream with a 2 flakes and either sprinkles, nuts, sherbet, or choc dippe

Sundae – $7
Caramel, Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

We are Thai Street Eats, a mobile food trailer operating out of Levin.
We do our best to showcase and serve different and exciting Thai food to the Lower North Island, taking our inspiration from the foods of Phuket and Southern Thailand.


Pad Thai – $10
Stir fried rice noodles with homemade tamarind sauce, egg, chives and bean sprouts. Served with crushed peanuts on side. (DF,V,VE)

Chicken Satay Skewers – $10
Marinated grilled chicken skewers, served with homemade peanut sauce. (DF,GF)

Summer Rolls – $10
Rice paper rolled with vermicelli noodles, salad. Your choice of prawns and veggie. (DF,GF.V,VE)

Pork Dim Sum Skewers – $10
Grilled skewers of marinated pork, wrapped with wonton pastry. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Moo Hong Bao Bun – $8
Phuket braised pork belly with five spices served with slaw and Sriracha mayo. (DF)

Roti with Peanut sauce – $8 (V)

Lil’ Orbits’ hot mini donuts. Dusted in a generous heap of cinnamon sugar, made on-demand guaranteeing fresh hot donuts.
Lil’ Orbits have been serving a quality product to happy customers for almost 50 years. Get your donut fix with some hot fresh donuts.


Bag of Donuts – $5
Bag of 8 hot mini donuts

Bag of 12 – $6
Bag of 12 mini donuts

Dippin Donuts – $7
14 hot mini donuts with dipping sauce

Donut bucket – $15
Bucket of 40 hot mini donuts


We serve Hong Kong-style DIM SUM and street food. Our signature DIM sum including Siu Mai, Potsticker, BBQ Pork Bun, Spring Roll, Glutinous Rice Dumpling and Deep Fried Wontons, etc. We also have vegetarian options. We always change our menu to suit the season. You may find something new each time !


Siu Mai – $10
4 pcs, Pork with Shiitake Mushroom (DF)

Potsticker – $10
6 pcs, Pan-fried Dumpling with choice of Pork or Chicken or Tofu Vegetables (DF,V)

Deep-fried Wonton – $10
6 pcs, Pork and Chives with sweet and sour sauce (DF)

BBQ Pork Bun – $6
Steamed Bun with BBQ Pork

Mini Glutinous Rice Dumpling – $9
2 pcs, Steamed Glutinous Rice , Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Shrimp, Straw Mushroom, wrapped in lotus leaves

Custard Bun – $6
Steamed Custard Bun (V)

The Hungry Monkey is a family-owned and operated food truck. It was founded with a heart full of passion for cooking, baking and all things food.

We pride ourselves in serving the most authentic and delicious Malaysian street food on wheels in Wellington.

Our signature offering is our handcraft crafted pillow-soft bao bun burger. We also have gluten-free and vegetarian options.


Bao Bun Burger Pork Belly – $10
Handcrafted pillow soft bao bun serve with apple, apple sauce, green and roasted pork belly (DF)

Bao Bun Burger – Tempura Tofu – $10
Handcrafted pillow soft bao bun serve with sea weed, green, tempura tofu and special vegetarian sauce (DF,V,VE)

Beef Rendang and Turmeric Rice – $10
Slow cooked beef with special rendang paste serve with turmeric rice (DF,GF)

Sarawak Mee Goreng – $10
Served with chicken and vegetables (DF)

Curly Potato – $10
Battered curly potato serve with choice of salt (DF,V,VE)

Banana Fritter served with ice cream – $10
Deep fried battered banana fritters serve with ice cream and choice of toppings (V,VE)

We pride ourselves on creating authentic Greek food. Our signature dishes include a variety of meat and vegetarian souvlaki, burgers, salads and Greek sweets.


Grilled Meats served in a warm pita bread served with tomato,onions,fries and our tzatziki sauce

Fried Halloumi served in a warm pita bread with tomato,onion, lettuce,fries and tzatziki sauce (V)

Grilled meats served with lettuce,tomato,onion,cucumber,feta cheese,olives, beetroot and our tzatziki sauce (GF)

Grilled Halloumi served with lettuce,onion,tomato,feta cheese,cucumber,olives and our tzatziki sauce (V)

FRIES – $7
Fries served with
– tzatziki
– Parmesan
– feta

Savoury spinach and cheese pie (V)

Chopped almonds and walnuts, sweetened with honey syrup inside layers of filo pastry

Come and see us for the best dumplings in town!


Pork, garlic and chives – $10
5 pork, garlic and chive dumplings (DF)

Pork, prawn and coriander – $10
5 pork, prawn and coriander dumplings (DF)

Chicken & mushroom – $10
5 chicken & mushroom dumplings ( DF)

Vegetarian – $10
5 vegetarian dumplings (DF,V,VE)

Mr. Circle is a Chinese street food brand based in Wellington since 2015, We focus on Jianbing , a Chinese style savory crepe, It normally has egg, flour, spring onion, coriendars, mixed salad, deep fried pastry, hoisin sauce, optional chilli sauce, mayonnaise, with your choice of different meats or vegetarian, we also have sweet nutella crepes for dessert and creamer tea…


Jianbing-Chinese crepe – $10
Jianbing, the most popular Chinese street food, we have pork/Chicken/Tofu options

Chicken jianbing – $10
Jianbing, the most popular Chinese street food, we have pork/Chicken/Tofu options

Tofu vegetable jianbing – $10
Jianbing, the most popular Chinese street food, we have pork/Chicken/Tofu options (V)

Pork jianbing – $10
Jianbing, the most popular Chinese street food, we have pork/Chicken/Tofu options