Garuda Truck has the best Indonesian food right here in Wellington, their specialty, Nasi Bakar with rice is to die for!


CUISINE MENU: Indonesian Food

Balinesse Chicken Pita – $8.00
Beef Rendang Pita – $8.00
Vegetarian Pita – $8.00

Self-made food truck selling vegetarian friendly Pizza by the slice.


CUISINE MENU: Sliced Pizza

Tomato Base w Mozzarella, Red Onion, Capsicum, Nutmeat, BBQ Sauce, Chilli – $6.00

Cranberry Base w Mozzarella, Red Onion, Spinach, “Chicken” – $6.00

No Comply
Tomato Base w Mozzarella, Red Onion, Mushroom, Spinach, Capsicum, Olives, Courgette – $6.00

Tomato Base w Mozzarella & Basil – $6.00

The 900
Tomato Base w Mozzarella, Spinach, Mushrooms, Pesto – $6.00

We are selling the best Roti Wrap in town! We started our own business 12 years ago and continue to grow every day!

All our Rotis are made fresh daily!


Butter Chicken Roti Wrap – $8.00
Lamb Curry Roti Wrap – $8.00
Satay Chicken Roti Wrap – $8.00
Vege Curry Roti Wrap – $8.00

ALL wraps come with salad and your choice of sauce and bread.
(GF options on request)

CUISINE MENU: Eastern European

English Breakfast – $6.50
Ciabatta bun, bacon, egg, lettuce, mayo, mustard, tomato sauce

Filo Peko Pastry – $5.00
Feta & spinach or ham, mushrooms, cheese, tomato sauce

Free-range Chorizo (mild or spicy) – $8.00
Ciabatta bun, chorizo, lettuce, mayo, mustard, tomato sauce

Hot Chips – $4.00

IndoPLUS Food Truck is Indonesian Authentic Food Specials for Rice and Noodle with a lot Variety of Cooking


CUISINE MENU: Indonesian

Chicken Noodle Mushroom w Wonton – $7.00
Indonesian Chicken Satay Wrap – $8.00
Mie Goreng – Chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian – $8.00
Nasi Goreng – Chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian – $8.00

Travelling Crepes – fun and mobile French street food – Our yummy Crepes are always a good choice as a sweet or savoury snack.

We will bring you our favourite flavours and will have a gluten free option available.


CUISINE MENU: French Crepes

Cheese, Spinach w Capsicum Apricot Relish Crepe (V) – $8.00
Ham, Cheese, Tomato w Basil Crepe – $8.00
Lemon Sugar Crepe – $6.00
Nutella Banana Crepe – $8.00
Strawberry Chocolate Crepe – $8.00
Yoghurt Passionfruit Crepe – $7.00

(all GF + DF on request)

We at Meat Candy BBQ believe that good things take time, so that is exactly how we cook. Low n’ Slow with no shortcuts.


CUISINE MENU: American Low and Slow BBQ

Brisket Bun – $8.00
12 hour smoked brisket, homemade slaw, pickles & our special bbq sauce.

Chuck the Taco – $8.00
Succulent smoked beef chuck served with a corn salsa on a soft tortilla.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends – $8.00
Succulent smoked pork belly in our house bbq sauce – PORK CANDY.

Pulled Pork Bun – $8.00
12 Hour Smoked pulled pork, slaw and our house bbq sauce.

Two chefs serving up world inspired flavours in the humble sandwich. All fresh, all local and only ever free farmed meats.
GF friendly. Vegan friendly.


CUISINE MENU: Hot Fresh Sandwiches

Baron of Hamburg (GF, DF) – $8.00
Classic burger with fresh greens, pickle & tangy burger mayo & Dukes tomato relish.

Forest & Field (Vegan, DF) – $8.00
A mushroom, olive, nuts and grains burger with slaw, fresh greens, vegan aioli & Dukes beetroot chutney.

Nacho Pollo – $8.00
Free range chicken thigh pulled in Mexican spices with a chargrilled corn, jalapeno & avocado salsa with crunchy corn chips. Ole!

The Wurst (GF, DF) – $8.00
Waikanae butchery bratwurst with Dukes kraut, corriander & juniper onions & mustard in a long bun.

Mao and Co; Handmade dumplings and noodles with a dash of panache.


CUISINE MENU: Asian Street Food

Beef & Celery Dumplings (x6) – $8.00
Beef & Sichuan Pepper Noodles – $8.00
Chicken, Soy & Sesame Noodles – $8.00
Pork & Cabbage Dumplings (x6) – $8.00
Tofu & Bok Choy Noodles (Vegan) – $8.00

(GF Noodles on request)

Cambodian Food


CUISINE MENU: Cambodian Food

Beef Baguette – $8.00
Toasted baguette with marinated beef, pickled carrot salad and sauce.

Beef Kebab – $3.50
Beef marinated with lemongrass paste and special seasoning. Served with salad.

Chicken Baguette – $8.00
Toasted baguette with marinated chicken, pickled carrot salad and sauce.

Chicken Satay Kebab – $3.50
Chicken marinated with coconut milk spiced with special seasoning. Served with peanut sauce and salad.