Boutique Taranaki brewers brewing quality beers in Coastal Taranaki. Our meticulous approach and respect for quality ingredients produce an exciting range of craft beers that are distinctive, fresh and remarkable.

Choice Bros Brewing is located in the heart of Wellington, at 62 Ghuznee St. Every day we strive to make great beer, enjoy life and play some sweet tunes. So grab another drink and let’s dance.

Laughing Bones Brewing is a New Zealand craft beer label producing a range of high-quality craft beers reflecting true kiwi culture. Fine craft beers for Everyone!

Cassels Brewing Co. is a family owned, award winning Craft Beer Brewery, located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

New Zealand Brewing Company taking nothing seriously except making bigger tasting beers!

Inspired by the Kiwi can-do mentality​ to challenge the masses that beer is no longer “just beer” ​​Expect unique brews​ and ingenuity in flavour​.

A place joy forgot, jumbled of mismatched parts, broken bones of a brewery brought back to life.

Brought together through slinging pints and creating distinctive and explosive beers, JuiceHead is all about making quality beer that burst with flavour, tests the taste buds, and leaves you craving another. Cheers!

The Deep Creek journey embodies the spirit of adventure and comraderie. Our mission is to produce the best quality beers possible across a spectrum of flavours and styles. And to have fun doing it. Brewed for the adventure…


Aloha – Guava Passionfruit Sour, 4.5%
Bahama Mama – Mango Coconut Sour, 4.5%

Haze – Hazy Pale Ale, 4.7%
Sauvage – Barrel Aged Brett Saison, 7%
Senorita – Chilli Hazy IPA, 6.5%
Undercurrent – Pilsner, 5%

Inspired by Gisborne’s notoriously long summers and legendary surf breaks, Sunshine is a boutique brewery from the East Coast that celebrates the important things in life:
Sun, surf, mates and good beer.

Since 1989, we’ve been brewing top quality beers for top quality people.