Other Drinks

Mocktails – If you are not into alcohol or feel like a break we will have a Mocktail Bar run by Ray from the Roxy, serving non-alcoholic cocktails.

Free water will be available at stations throughout the event. Remember to keep hydrated to make sure you can go the distance. Bottled water is also available for purchase.

Gluten Free: Wine & Cider options plus a variety of Food options.
We are currently working on some Gluten Free Beer options, please check back once the final vendor menus are released or feel free to contact us to ask.

All drinks are served in our reusable event cups, if you lose your cup this will not be replaced – so keep these safe!
On entry ALL patrons receive a reusable beer cup free of charge.
All Wine is served in a reusable wine cup, only $1.50 with your first purchase.