2018 Event Enquiries

All team members are onsite for festival preparations.

For Ticketing issues, you can search your emails for the following: Eventbrite <orders@eventbrite.com> “Your Tickets for Beers at the Basin 2018″
(eventbrite is our ticketing provider)

All other enquries please send us a facebook message here –  Facebook

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Thanks for wanting to get in touch.
If you have a general enquiry please fill in the form below, or contact us directly using the relevant contact details.

LOST Ticketing enquires
You can search your emails for Eventbrite <orders@eventbrite.com> “Your Tickets for Beers at the Basin 2018”
If all else fails a ticketing reminder will be resent automatically before the event opens.

Event Currency Refund Enquiries, please visit the AWOP website, these are processed by AWOP direct and not us. Refunds are only available online from Monday 3rd December to Sunday 16th December (midnight).