Dutchy has a charcoal grill and he ain’t afraid to use it. Delicious menu created specifically for Beers at the Basin – focusing on our Dutch roots!

Dutchy’s is all about local ingredients prepared with care and cooked well!


CUISINE MENU: Gourmet Dutch Food

Broodje Krokketten – Beef Cheek Croquette on a Soft Bun – $8.00

Chook Norris Burger – Crumbed Free Range Chicken, Camembert, Bacon and Caramelised Onion Raspberry Jam – $8.00

Kaas Souffles (V) – Cheesey, Melty goodness – $6.00

Top Dogg – Woody’s Free Range Farm Pork Sausage cooked on the Charcoal Grill and Beer Battered on a Stick – $6.00


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